X 1. Phase of Planning
X Crysis Release
X Waiting for SDK
X Round-System
X Pred-Queue
X Two-Teams
X Standard-Weapons and vehicles for Marines
X Standard-Weapons and suit-abilities for the Pred
X Game Type-Deathmatch
-> Fixing GUI
Converting normal Multiplayer-Levels
Making a first specified level for HoH
2. Phase of Planning
Alpha Release
Implementing first set of new abilities and weapons for the Pred
Implementing first set of new vehicles and weapons for the Marines
Wiimote + Nunchuck support
First set of levels
Limiting the abilities and techniques for Pred
Limiting weapons, vehicles and equipments for Marines
Beta Release
Implementing second set of new abilities and weapons for the Pred
Implementing second set of new abilities and weapons for the Marines
Second set of levels
Full support for Wiimote + Nunchuck
Own mode for Wiimote
Spawnpointchoosing for Pred
Implementing different Game-Types
1.0 Release

8 Responses to “Status-Table”

  1. Mike said

    Would be absolutely fantastic (if finished)!

    Hope the Pred (predator) we’ll be able to see looks like the one in the movies. (I’m a big fan).

  2. Stane said

    Well I can’t say yet that it will exactly look like as in the Predator Movies, but something like this is planed for one of the later releases. πŸ™‚

  3. sm4sh said

    Hey good luck with your Mod!
    That was exactly the Mod I was thinking about!
    But I can not code or other stuff and the Editor always crashes πŸ˜€
    It will be hard to keep the mod balanced πŸ˜€
    So good luck and I hope to see it finished someday πŸ™‚

  4. Stane said

    Hi sm4sh,
    thanks a lot. I am still working on the mod and making good process. I hope I can release a first pre alpha version soon^^

  5. Xeno said

    Looks good, the SDK has been released so whens the alpha out?

    Also i think the pred should have better weaponry but limited cloak don’t you? i’d like to see a sniper rifle for the predator in there. it would be great. And lots of ammo for spraying the trees for the marines.

    Maybe make maps that have areas in the trees that the pred can hide in, like just small platforms with bushes on them xD

    Looks great keep at it.

  6. Stane said

    Jep thank for your comment that motivates πŸ™‚

    Well I should be faster but I am limited in time, the University started a few weeks ago and the problem with the SDK is that there is no documentation for the coding stuff, which means that I have to try out a lot and make slowly process 😦 Atm I try to get the round system to work, it should theoretically work but for some strange reasons I get a lot of disconnects when other players try to join a game.

    Actually it is planed for a later version that the Pred will have a rifle, right now I try to figure out how good it works to let non-suit-player fight against a suit-player, but don’t worry πŸ™‚
    In a later version it is planed that you as a pred can choose your weaponry/abilities by your own, so if you like to play more with snipering instead of cloaking it shouldn’t be a problem^^
    And to answer your question about the alpha, I really hope I get every thing to work correctly in maybe about 2-3weeks πŸ™‚

  7. j said

    Beta Release( I hope in 2008)!
    now 2011
    if mod is dead write it on first page!

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