Hunter or Hunted(working title) the Single- vs. Team-play Modification for Crysis.

In short:
This Mod is a Round Based 2 Team Multiplayer Mod.
Team 1 is called Pred-side and Team 2 is called Marine-Side.
On the Pred-side plays usually only one player, who can choose between many stealth weapons and techniques to arm himself. On the other side are a bunch of men who can pick out, different weapons, small useful technical devices and vehicles of a collective arsenal.
If the Pred-side gets defeated, a new round starts and a change of the Pred-Player, who switches to the other Team and the next player out of the Marine-Team will be the new Pred-Player. If the Marine-site loses a round, only a new round will start without any player changes.

Reasons and the way of working:
I would like to tell you something about the reasons for starting this Mod and the way how I want to do it.
As you may know I worked before as a Head-Coder on RTM for HL2. I had planned to work on this for the next 16months but unfortunately we had to put this project on ice because of a drop in numbers and time constraints. That’s the reason why I wanted to start a new Mod for the coming months and that’s why the release of Crysis is situated so good for me.
Three years ago Farcry already convinced me from the technical point of view. I liked the easy and intuitive useable editor, the well structured and commented code, a useful documentation and not at least an official contact person from Crytek for any Mod or community questions, who is reachable at any time. I’m confident that they will continue with this level of quality.

I also was very interested in all the presentations of Crysis from the developer side and I was absolutely delighted about the image I got from it. Because I could recognise many things that I was taught in the past and all the things that are praised every where. As you may know you can’t say this about any game and I would express my impression like “This is the way it should be!” But to be sure there seems to be no way around to wait till the SDK releases.
And of cause not at least I would like to support the German/European Game market with his Mod.

Due to the above named reasons and my experience gained form previous projects before, I pointed out the following conditions for my Mod.
– Easy to realise
– I can finish it alone if needed
– Time limitation of 16 months
– At every time a playable version
– Must be fun^^

Easy to realise means, no total conversion, in other words I want to use as much as possible from what is already there and don’t want to waste every thing within a play through, but as often as possible reuse as it make sense. That means the best thing would be to create a round based Game-Mode, because onetime created content is used again and again. So I had to find something beneath CS, CtF, FFA, …, what was not already there and I think I achieved this with my “Stealth vs. Team” Mode. In addition to this I can use the crisis setting with all his models and resources.
This all should help me to finish this mod if needed by my self.

Modularization is my magic word to reach the next two points. Beneath the basic-game-frame the mod is extendable with different modules which are independent to each other, like weapons, equipments and abilities. You can compare this with a trading card game, in wich it is in general not absolutely necessary to have one specific card, the game would work with out this card, but it could be an advantage for the game if you owned it. With this modularisation it is possible to stay within the time limitation because I have at all times a full working game and I would be more or less prone to unpredictable problems or a suddenly upcoming time lack. Also I can divide the work much better amongst other coders or in certain circumstances it could be possible for everyone who has a good idea for a weapon or an ability to code this for.

In the matter of fun, I would never make a game if I don’t have fun playing it.
True to the motto, ”If it is fun for me, it also must be fun for others” 🙂

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