Crysis 3: Hunter Mode and stuff

August 15, 2012

Hi everyone!

After 4 year finaly a post. Well what had happend that it brought me back to this blog and to the whole Project?

The Hunter Mode of Cryisi 3 has happend. It just reminded me that I wanted to archive something similar with this mod and that I should set a statement to the status of this Project. Just to give me peace, i hate it to have things standing around unfinished und unclear. The Mod is on ice since 4 years, the usual excuses like University, Job and Family, especially Job, kept me so busy that there was no free time at all, but always left me behing with the hope that there soon will be time to do something, which of cause never came.

Anyway good to see Crytek is trying to implement something similar with the Hunter Mode. Iam not fully convinced about the way they implemented it. In particular the thing that as soon as you die as a soldier you spawn as a Hunter instantly, to hunt the rest of your group or the time limit of 90sec. which gives the whole thing a slightly touch of stress and panik. But anyway I will have an eye on it to see if it really works. If this Hunter Mode is the only new Multiplayer mode I think there is still space for Hunter or Hunted. And maybe in future I can bring this Mod to a playable version for Crysis 3 or the Free-to-Play Stuff which comes after it.


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