Hi folks!

A lot of stuff has happened in the last week.
I got a bad cold and managed somehow to survive all my midterms.
Then Crytek stated out in their Monthly Update that there will not be a 1.3 Patch(Monthly Update) and announced a few days later the first addon for Crysis(Warhead).
And at last the Crysis Predator Mod closed its doors which is indeed a sad thing(Predator Mod), but they want to release the levels they did so far for the community.

Maybe HoH can use or support these levels somehow. I think I can say more when they are released. I keep an eye on that. 🙂
Well to the 1.3 Patch I can’t really understand why the community is still so upset about this. I mean what were you expecting from patch 1.3? I can’t imagine soo much, I just want a better documentation for the code that’s all^^
And come on we get an addon with new multiplayer content instead of the patch, that’s thousand times better than bringing bug fixes for a multiplayer which no one plays.
Another thing is, Crytek said that they want to bring Crysis for consoles, so the most interesting question is, will they also support mods?? ^^
That’s all for today, I try to get better and use this weekend to work a bit on HoH. 🙂