This Mod is NOT dead :-)

May 30, 2008

I got a few Mails in the last weeks from a few people who were wondering if this mod is already dead but it is NOT. I am still working on it and I fell very sorry for not bringing any news in the last month. But what the state and why is there no alpha yet?

Well like so often things turned to be out different as they were expected in the beginning -.-
First my University here in Japan is taking pretty much of my time and my priority lies more on finishing with good grades as on finishing this mod.
Second I underestimated the source code of Crysis. There isn’t any documentation about this yet, which means I have to learn things by try and error, which takes time I rarely have.

Right now I try to implement the resetting of a round, so that the level starts every round with the same conditions. If this is done, I will test the round system with a few friends and finally I can release the first alpha.


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