Midterms & Venezuela

November 26, 2007

Hi Guys,
back in action! Well I must say Japan takes more time than I expected, but don’t worry, the Midterms are over, the demo is out and played, the editor works fine and Crysis is released nearly every where. Yes nearly, everywhere except Japan. They will release it here on the 29th so I still have to wait till Thursday.
The first big Planning-phase is over and I can’t wait to get the Game and hopefully the SDK in the next weeks.
Today I would like to present you the last two mood stories for now in written form.
Have fun.

A whole hour has past since we took off with the heli and we are still flying over the endless Jungle of Venezuela. The noise of the engine already dropped as a side ton into the background and my thoughts run of the track back to the mission briefing…
“I can’t mentioned it enough!! The destruction of the target has highest priority” said the commandant with an emphasizing voice. “The Nanosuit may have a limited energy supply but the abilities he can get setup with are nearly unlimited. We have heard from trustful sources that…”
“It’s not far anymore, look over there”, sounds it from the communication system and I am thrown back into the present. In a distance of a few hunter meters I can see a giant hole in the middle of the Jungle; it has a diameter of about 700feet and is over 300meter deep with sheer rock walls.
Then suddenly a flash from the ground, it hits the helicopter! ”All System down! Heli was hit by EMP!” shouts the pilot to us. The engine begins to stumble and stops immediately, only the rotor blades are to hear and the heli starts to go down slowly. But our squad leader just looks to us with a smile on his face and bawls,”Ok buddies that’s earlier as expected! Go, Go, Go…!”

From outside she just lies there, noiseless in the orbit, the space station Nostromo, but in her inner a massacre. Red Alarm lights blinking, shots haling through the corridors and an artificial voice gives reports. “Hull fracture on deck 3…, Invader detected, Scan not possible…,”
Rio breath heavily, the corridor in front of him lies in fume, the walls are perforated by gun shots, and the invader comes slowly closer.
Rio tries to get a foothold, activates his magnet boots and let the Gatling Gun starts to rotate. Painfully he raises the gun to aims for the invader, but in the same moment he smashes the glass with his left hand to pull down the emergency switch.
“Gravity deactivated” sounds it immediately. Rio just holds the trigger and the bullets run. The invader, while starting to float, crosses rapidly his arms and an energy shield appears in front of him, even before the bullets smashes into it and bounces off. But the force of the bullets doesn’t stay without effect and so they push him back step by step with each impact. The Gatling pressing Rio onto the wall and breaks him nearly the arms but he still continues to fire. Further and further the invader gets poked back and when he is thrown through the bulkhead door into the room behind, Rion just hold onto and bawls, “Open the lock, the fucking lock…!”

Sarisariñama brings us to the simas, which are really big sinkholes in the middle of the Venezuela Jungle. This time the Marines can use a helicopter and are equipped with modern parachutes. On the other hand the Pred-Player has an EMP-Canon which doesn’t destroy the heli but brings him down, if it hits.
Nostromo has more focus on the level itself. Soit is possible to switch of the gravity in different places as well as opening the lock to pull out everything what is in the room into the deadly space. In this story the Pred is able to create a energy shield for a limited time to let projectiles bounce off and the marines can use magnet-boots against the zero gravity.


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