Japan, here I am!

September 25, 2007


Finally I arrived the land of the rising sun. Sry for the long time of silence about the mod but as you can imagine the last weeks very everything else then relaxed. Anyway I am in Japan, I already moved to my flat and the best thing is I have internet 🙂
So, today I want to present you another two Mood-Stories about HoH.

Dark in the in the middle of the harsh sea lies the forgotten Island Gunkanjima.
About 450m is she long; waves bursting against her walls, old ferro concrete Buildings defy the storm and her two shaft towers were broken a long time ago.
A grey rubber boat fights his way through the waves and reaches finally the Island. Five elite soldiers haste out of the boat and searching cover behind big concrete walls.
Watchfully they sneak under cover of the forgotten and weathered Buildings to the middle, to their goal the mineshaft.
The shaft in sight leads a small road directly to it, as suddenly a bullet smashes close beneath into concrete, a sniper. Immediately they try to rush to the next corner to flee out of the scope. But before the last one reaches the save Corner, he begins to setup the next shoot, shots and hits. The soldier, smashed down by this head aimed shoot is pulled around the corner by his buddies. He is alive but his helmet breaks in pieces, he saved him from the deadly hit.

Elite Training:
Hours ahead the screams, shots and detonations became silent. Then as if by an invisible hand the cell-doors opens. Did emergency-energy-system collapse or opened someone them on purpose?
Distrustful they leave their cells one by one and go slowly out to the inner courtyard.
The sight let them freeze.
The inner courtyard looks like a massacre. The prison wall was felt in, warders lay dead on the ground, bodies are opened and some of the warders tried to flee in panic and ran blindly into the fire of the strangely positioned spring guns.
Beneath the prisoners, the broken open gun room, but they can’t belief their eyes, when they realise that no weapon was touched only a scanner is missing, a scanner to detect prisoners on the run or rather the chip hidden in their tissue.
It is obvious to every body that the one who did this will come back and only because of them. Or at least they believe so, because sometimes they could overhear some rumours from the inhabitants at the mines. Rumours about hushed coursing, unofficial training camps and alleged elite soldiers of the government, but who could know that truth could be in the gibberish of the local workers.
Should they be only the victim in the game of hunt? The answer is NO!
Rapidly they plunder the gun room, readjust the spring guns and wait for that what may come.

Gunkanjima shows us another three new things of Hoh. First of all the location, this time I took a location that really exists. Gunkanjima is the Nickname of an Island in front of the coast of Nagasaki and was in use as a coal mine before and during the Second World War until it was closed in 76.
Furthermore we know that the Pred gets the Sniper gun while the Marines are happy about a one or two time protection against instant kills of this weapon.

The Story Elite Training plays in a destroyed prison which must be hold by the Marine player. To archive that goal the spring guns will help them. Even, if the Pred is able to detect their locations, with his scanner. Moreover we get a slight idea of what the Pred could be. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the new Stories. You may noticed that there will be in the end tons of new abilities for the Pred-Player and many new vehicles, weapons and other gimics for the Marines. So let me explain how to mange all these things.
If you create a server and choose the map you would like to play, you can choose which of all the abilities are available in this level for the Pred or Marines to choose from. Of cause there is a default setup which fits more or less to the level, so you don’t have to setup but you can 🙂


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