Back in Germany with some stories :-)

August 12, 2007

Hi Guys!
I’m back in good old Germany and in the middle of the preparations for my exchange to Japan.
Anyway this didn’t stop me to write you another two stories. 🙂
“Beam me up” let us know that there will be mounted weapons on vehicles and nice shotguns for the Marines and for the Pred a nice device for teleporting.^^
In “Sun of the underground” is demonstrated the clever use of the Falshbang and mentioned more or less the weakness of the Nightvision.

Beam me up!
The abandoned town consists only of a few wooden barracks. In the middle stands a Jeep with a mounted Chaingun on its top. Shots sound up and a few men are hunting a figure, whose scheme right now disappears in a shed. He must be hit because his track is marked with some blood.
The men are armed with shotguns and a big smile appears on their faces when they realised that their victim ran into a dead end. They begin to surround the shack in a semicircle and while walking their hail of bullets to the barrack tears it into pieces. Loud laughing they kick the remaining bites aside to find the corpse but there is no corpse and the laughing stops immediately when the sound of unlocking a Chaingun appears from the jeep.

Sun of the underground
The underground complex is completely dark, cold and wet. The emergency power doesn’t work as well as the radio contact to the outside. Only the increasingly haling of boots on concrete flours is to hear. He knows that they wear night-visions and will open the fire as soon as they see him.
He is unarmed and sticks in a dead end, but instead of using the night vision like his hunters he puts on eye-protections like it is know from astronauts to protect them from the sun.
And as the sound of loading weapons is to hear, he throws quickly a flashbang against them, which dazzles brighter than the sun and hurts in the eyes. Men bawl up, plastic hits the floor, shoots ring out, bodies falls to ground and at least… silence…


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