The next two Mood-Stories

July 28, 2007

Hi folks,

This time I have another two small mood Stories for you. As you can see in both storys it is not
In Industrial Strength I introduce the Net-Cannon and the Strength ability of the Pred, which helps him to get rid of the Net or let him make high jumps. The Story False Jungle tells about a possibility to fade out the background sounds and replace them with some other sounds that you chose before. This helps the Pred to get unnoticedly closer to his victims or just irritates the Marine-Players.

Industrial Strength:
The industrial buildings were used many years ago and the nature takes back step by step what once was snatched.
In the shadow of one of these old forsaken factories lies a bunch of bounty hunters in wait, waiting for the one to come out. The bounty was high and they know that many lost their live to catch this person. But the thought on the money made them forget about the risk. They have followed his track for days until they found the right place to catch him. Everything was perfect they just have to wait till he comes out of this building. There was only one way out, through this door where everybody was waiting for him. Then every thing happens very fast, as soon he come out he got a direct hit with the net-cannon. The force of the net was so strong that it tacked him to the next wall. It was not an ordinary net-cannon, the net itself was boosted by steel threads and had special weights to force down or tack the victim onto the next wall.
Certain of victory they come out of their ambush position to investigate their capture, but in this moment the strings of the net started to vibrate, the tacked one clenches his fists and to the wonder of the hunters he breaks the net, stands on the ground free from any band and before anyone could do anything he jumps with an unbelievable force onto the top of the next roof and disappears.

False Jungle:
The job was easy, go into the underground complex, catch the boxes, and take off. Too easy for the pay they would get. There is something hanky-panky going on and everybody knows about it but nobody spoke it out.
They made haste and as the last box was on the heliport, which was also used as a big freight elevator, it begun with a small jar to move up. There was a bad feeling about it since the beginning of this job. Every thing was running good till now, maybe too good, but the tension is rising with every step they get closer to the surface and everybody on its own started to covertly check his weapon.
As the elevator arrive the top they are in the middle of a glade surrounded by jungle with his familiar noises, nothing unusual. Not even 10 steps away they have parked the Jeep and start immediately to ship. But in the middle of shipping the soundings of the Jungle initiate to fade out and are replaced by sounds of cracking branches and rustling leaves around them. Immediately three of them drop every thing, draw their weapons and try to aim at something that seems to be to be everywhere, while the others hastily keep on shipping…


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