July 14, 2007

Hi folks from now on I will release every 2 weeks some mood-stories about HoH till the days I can start with programming. These stories will show you a little bit of the Weapons, Level, Setting, Game-mode, Abilities,… that are available in the mod.
So enjoy reading and let me know if you like them 🙂

Bungee Jungle:
The sun is going down and the gloomy jungle is in silence. Only a squad of Marines armed to the teeth are making haste through the thicket. Their clothes are soaked with sweat, their bodies are exhausted by the rugged terrain of the jungle and still the heat of the day is there as it was noon. Tension and a touch of panic are on their faces and again and again they look up to the treetop, to the fading sun.
The last rays of the sun bathes the forest canopy in red, when suddenly a scream comes up and one of them is being pulled up by something into the crown of the trees.
Immediately the men react to this action, firing with full strength towards the attacker. Branches and trees are crushing down from this hail of bullets, but only their lifeless buddy falls down, not a bit of the attacker.
The sun is gone and the hunt begun.

Kobold Scanner:
A hand full Marines are sneaking through the light forest. It is early in the morning and fog lies in the trees. In their middle there is someone who carries a device with both hands in his front, some kind of scanner. This man decides the speed and the way of the group and about every 30 feets he stops, looks on his scanner, adjusts something, throws a fast distrustful look to the surroundings and whenever he does this everybody is tense.
Then suddenly a dead gives away of a cracking, which abrupt ends as far as it appears. Immediately the man in the middle looks on his scanner, sweat begins to run, he turns slowly and glances inconspicuously to the site.
Not even 15 footsteps away of him an invisibility shield starts to destabilize and the squad with full loaded weapons rush in the front to protect him, aims and wait for the order…


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