Many things happened in the last time.
I moved from Japan back to Germany and after two weeks I moved to Ireland. I’m there for the next 3 months.

But I found some time to make a first version of a status table. It’s not very detailed yet, but gives a first view of the whole project and the release times.

I also was thinking about an implementation of the Wiimote controller. I never played a first person shooter with the Wiimote, but I can imagine the problem that First-Person-Shooters have which are controlled by Wiimote. That’s why I’m not really sure if a Wiimote support will be a gain for the mod or just a funny thing for some minuets. I will think closer about this in the next few weeks. I have some really good ideas to use the Wiimote in a good and useful way, but this would change the whole mod.

What do you think?
Should this mod support the Wiimote controller in a useful and playable way, which would cause some more changes in game play than just replacing the mouse movements with the Wiimote, or do you prefer a controlling like Red Steel?