Hi everyone!

After 4 year finaly a post. Well what had happend that it brought me back to this blog and to the whole Project?

The Hunter Mode of Cryisi 3 has happend. It just reminded me that I wanted to archive something similar with this mod and that I should set a statement to the status of this Project. Just to give me peace, i hate it to have things standing around unfinished und unclear. The Mod is on ice since 4 years, the usual excuses like University, Job and Family, especially Job, kept me so busy that there was no free time at all, but always left me behing with the hope that there soon will be time to do something, which of cause never came.

Anyway good to see Crytek is trying to implement something similar with the Hunter Mode. Iam not fully convinced about the way they implemented it. In particular the thing that as soon as you die as a soldier you spawn as a Hunter instantly, to hunt the rest of your group or the time limit of 90sec. which gives the whole thing a slightly touch of stress and panik. But anyway I will have an eye on it to see if it really works. If this Hunter Mode is the only new Multiplayer mode I think there is still space for Hunter or Hunted. And maybe in future I can bring this Mod to a playable version for Crysis 3 or the Free-to-Play Stuff which comes after it.


Byebye Japan, welcome Germany!

September 23, 2008

Hi everyone!
I am finally back in Germany and still trying to acclimatize to everything. I traveled a lot the last weeks and months, Hiroshima, Miyajima, Kyoto, Biwako, Osaka, Fuji-san, Tokyo and Himeji were some of my destinations to just name a few.^^
Ok that might be one reason why you don’t see here any progress but another could be that for some reason an old project(HL2 Mod – Return to Mana) needs most of my reserved-for-coding-freetime. Please keep an eye on this project in the next weeks and months, there might be a surprise 🙂

Hi folks!

A lot of stuff has happened in the last week.
I got a bad cold and managed somehow to survive all my midterms.
Then Crytek stated out in their Monthly Update that there will not be a 1.3 Patch(Monthly Update) and announced a few days later the first addon for Crysis(Warhead).
And at last the Crysis Predator Mod closed its doors which is indeed a sad thing(Predator Mod), but they want to release the levels they did so far for the community.

Maybe HoH can use or support these levels somehow. I think I can say more when they are released. I keep an eye on that. 🙂
Well to the 1.3 Patch I can’t really understand why the community is still so upset about this. I mean what were you expecting from patch 1.3? I can’t imagine soo much, I just want a better documentation for the code that’s all^^
And come on we get an addon with new multiplayer content instead of the patch, that’s thousand times better than bringing bug fixes for a multiplayer which no one plays.
Another thing is, Crytek said that they want to bring Crysis for consoles, so the most interesting question is, will they also support mods?? ^^
That’s all for today, I try to get better and use this weekend to work a bit on HoH. 🙂

I got a few Mails in the last weeks from a few people who were wondering if this mod is already dead but it is NOT. I am still working on it and I fell very sorry for not bringing any news in the last month. But what the state and why is there no alpha yet?

Well like so often things turned to be out different as they were expected in the beginning -.-
First my University here in Japan is taking pretty much of my time and my priority lies more on finishing with good grades as on finishing this mod.
Second I underestimated the source code of Crysis. There isn’t any documentation about this yet, which means I have to learn things by try and error, which takes time I rarely have.

Right now I try to implement the resetting of a round, so that the level starts every round with the same conditions. If this is done, I will test the round system with a few friends and finally I can release the first alpha.

December 8, 2007

Wow finally I got my copy of Crysis^^
After endless days of waiting for the postman and missing him two times I got my copy 🙂
Well I was a little bit surprised, the Japanese Version is a small mix of the limited and the normal Version you can buy in Europe. First of all you have the whole thing in a paperboard box, which I like much more than the normal plastic DVD box. Further you can choose between Japanese and English language during the installation and to my surprise you have a key for the special vehicle, which was originally only for the limited version. Hmm maybe it’s because there is no limited version of this game in Japan or at least I didn’t see any of those here.
My Crysis^^

Another big thing for today is I am proud to present you the spirit and essence of HoH 🙂
Imaging this in Crysis-graphic and you have HoH. Have fun 😉

Midterms & Venezuela

November 26, 2007

Hi Guys,
back in action! Well I must say Japan takes more time than I expected, but don’t worry, the Midterms are over, the demo is out and played, the editor works fine and Crysis is released nearly every where. Yes nearly, everywhere except Japan. They will release it here on the 29th so I still have to wait till Thursday.
The first big Planning-phase is over and I can’t wait to get the Game and hopefully the SDK in the next weeks.
Today I would like to present you the last two mood stories for now in written form.
Have fun.

A whole hour has past since we took off with the heli and we are still flying over the endless Jungle of Venezuela. The noise of the engine already dropped as a side ton into the background and my thoughts run of the track back to the mission briefing…
“I can’t mentioned it enough!! The destruction of the target has highest priority” said the commandant with an emphasizing voice. “The Nanosuit may have a limited energy supply but the abilities he can get setup with are nearly unlimited. We have heard from trustful sources that…”
“It’s not far anymore, look over there”, sounds it from the communication system and I am thrown back into the present. In a distance of a few hunter meters I can see a giant hole in the middle of the Jungle; it has a diameter of about 700feet and is over 300meter deep with sheer rock walls.
Then suddenly a flash from the ground, it hits the helicopter! ”All System down! Heli was hit by EMP!” shouts the pilot to us. The engine begins to stumble and stops immediately, only the rotor blades are to hear and the heli starts to go down slowly. But our squad leader just looks to us with a smile on his face and bawls,”Ok buddies that’s earlier as expected! Go, Go, Go…!”

From outside she just lies there, noiseless in the orbit, the space station Nostromo, but in her inner a massacre. Red Alarm lights blinking, shots haling through the corridors and an artificial voice gives reports. “Hull fracture on deck 3…, Invader detected, Scan not possible…,”
Rio breath heavily, the corridor in front of him lies in fume, the walls are perforated by gun shots, and the invader comes slowly closer.
Rio tries to get a foothold, activates his magnet boots and let the Gatling Gun starts to rotate. Painfully he raises the gun to aims for the invader, but in the same moment he smashes the glass with his left hand to pull down the emergency switch.
“Gravity deactivated” sounds it immediately. Rio just holds the trigger and the bullets run. The invader, while starting to float, crosses rapidly his arms and an energy shield appears in front of him, even before the bullets smashes into it and bounces off. But the force of the bullets doesn’t stay without effect and so they push him back step by step with each impact. The Gatling pressing Rio onto the wall and breaks him nearly the arms but he still continues to fire. Further and further the invader gets poked back and when he is thrown through the bulkhead door into the room behind, Rion just hold onto and bawls, “Open the lock, the fucking lock…!”

Sarisariñama brings us to the simas, which are really big sinkholes in the middle of the Venezuela Jungle. This time the Marines can use a helicopter and are equipped with modern parachutes. On the other hand the Pred-Player has an EMP-Canon which doesn’t destroy the heli but brings him down, if it hits.
Nostromo has more focus on the level itself. Soit is possible to switch of the gravity in different places as well as opening the lock to pull out everything what is in the room into the deadly space. In this story the Pred is able to create a energy shield for a limited time to let projectiles bounce off and the marines can use magnet-boots against the zero gravity.

Japan, here I am!

September 25, 2007


Finally I arrived the land of the rising sun. Sry for the long time of silence about the mod but as you can imagine the last weeks very everything else then relaxed. Anyway I am in Japan, I already moved to my flat and the best thing is I have internet 🙂
So, today I want to present you another two Mood-Stories about HoH.

Dark in the in the middle of the harsh sea lies the forgotten Island Gunkanjima.
About 450m is she long; waves bursting against her walls, old ferro concrete Buildings defy the storm and her two shaft towers were broken a long time ago.
A grey rubber boat fights his way through the waves and reaches finally the Island. Five elite soldiers haste out of the boat and searching cover behind big concrete walls.
Watchfully they sneak under cover of the forgotten and weathered Buildings to the middle, to their goal the mineshaft.
The shaft in sight leads a small road directly to it, as suddenly a bullet smashes close beneath into concrete, a sniper. Immediately they try to rush to the next corner to flee out of the scope. But before the last one reaches the save Corner, he begins to setup the next shoot, shots and hits. The soldier, smashed down by this head aimed shoot is pulled around the corner by his buddies. He is alive but his helmet breaks in pieces, he saved him from the deadly hit.

Elite Training:
Hours ahead the screams, shots and detonations became silent. Then as if by an invisible hand the cell-doors opens. Did emergency-energy-system collapse or opened someone them on purpose?
Distrustful they leave their cells one by one and go slowly out to the inner courtyard.
The sight let them freeze.
The inner courtyard looks like a massacre. The prison wall was felt in, warders lay dead on the ground, bodies are opened and some of the warders tried to flee in panic and ran blindly into the fire of the strangely positioned spring guns.
Beneath the prisoners, the broken open gun room, but they can’t belief their eyes, when they realise that no weapon was touched only a scanner is missing, a scanner to detect prisoners on the run or rather the chip hidden in their tissue.
It is obvious to every body that the one who did this will come back and only because of them. Or at least they believe so, because sometimes they could overhear some rumours from the inhabitants at the mines. Rumours about hushed coursing, unofficial training camps and alleged elite soldiers of the government, but who could know that truth could be in the gibberish of the local workers.
Should they be only the victim in the game of hunt? The answer is NO!
Rapidly they plunder the gun room, readjust the spring guns and wait for that what may come.

Gunkanjima shows us another three new things of Hoh. First of all the location, this time I took a location that really exists. Gunkanjima is the Nickname of an Island in front of the coast of Nagasaki and was in use as a coal mine before and during the Second World War until it was closed in 76.
Furthermore we know that the Pred gets the Sniper gun while the Marines are happy about a one or two time protection against instant kills of this weapon.

The Story Elite Training plays in a destroyed prison which must be hold by the Marine player. To archive that goal the spring guns will help them. Even, if the Pred is able to detect their locations, with his scanner. Moreover we get a slight idea of what the Pred could be. 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the new Stories. You may noticed that there will be in the end tons of new abilities for the Pred-Player and many new vehicles, weapons and other gimics for the Marines. So let me explain how to mange all these things.
If you create a server and choose the map you would like to play, you can choose which of all the abilities are available in this level for the Pred or Marines to choose from. Of cause there is a default setup which fits more or less to the level, so you don’t have to setup but you can 🙂

Hi Guys!
I’m back in good old Germany and in the middle of the preparations for my exchange to Japan.
Anyway this didn’t stop me to write you another two stories. 🙂
“Beam me up” let us know that there will be mounted weapons on vehicles and nice shotguns for the Marines and for the Pred a nice device for teleporting.^^
In “Sun of the underground” is demonstrated the clever use of the Falshbang and mentioned more or less the weakness of the Nightvision.

Beam me up!
The abandoned town consists only of a few wooden barracks. In the middle stands a Jeep with a mounted Chaingun on its top. Shots sound up and a few men are hunting a figure, whose scheme right now disappears in a shed. He must be hit because his track is marked with some blood.
The men are armed with shotguns and a big smile appears on their faces when they realised that their victim ran into a dead end. They begin to surround the shack in a semicircle and while walking their hail of bullets to the barrack tears it into pieces. Loud laughing they kick the remaining bites aside to find the corpse but there is no corpse and the laughing stops immediately when the sound of unlocking a Chaingun appears from the jeep.

Sun of the underground
The underground complex is completely dark, cold and wet. The emergency power doesn’t work as well as the radio contact to the outside. Only the increasingly haling of boots on concrete flours is to hear. He knows that they wear night-visions and will open the fire as soon as they see him.
He is unarmed and sticks in a dead end, but instead of using the night vision like his hunters he puts on eye-protections like it is know from astronauts to protect them from the sun.
And as the sound of loading weapons is to hear, he throws quickly a flashbang against them, which dazzles brighter than the sun and hurts in the eyes. Men bawl up, plastic hits the floor, shoots ring out, bodies falls to ground and at least… silence…

Hi folks,

This time I have another two small mood Stories for you. As you can see in both storys it is not
In Industrial Strength I introduce the Net-Cannon and the Strength ability of the Pred, which helps him to get rid of the Net or let him make high jumps. The Story False Jungle tells about a possibility to fade out the background sounds and replace them with some other sounds that you chose before. This helps the Pred to get unnoticedly closer to his victims or just irritates the Marine-Players.

Industrial Strength:
The industrial buildings were used many years ago and the nature takes back step by step what once was snatched.
In the shadow of one of these old forsaken factories lies a bunch of bounty hunters in wait, waiting for the one to come out. The bounty was high and they know that many lost their live to catch this person. But the thought on the money made them forget about the risk. They have followed his track for days until they found the right place to catch him. Everything was perfect they just have to wait till he comes out of this building. There was only one way out, through this door where everybody was waiting for him. Then every thing happens very fast, as soon he come out he got a direct hit with the net-cannon. The force of the net was so strong that it tacked him to the next wall. It was not an ordinary net-cannon, the net itself was boosted by steel threads and had special weights to force down or tack the victim onto the next wall.
Certain of victory they come out of their ambush position to investigate their capture, but in this moment the strings of the net started to vibrate, the tacked one clenches his fists and to the wonder of the hunters he breaks the net, stands on the ground free from any band and before anyone could do anything he jumps with an unbelievable force onto the top of the next roof and disappears.

False Jungle:
The job was easy, go into the underground complex, catch the boxes, and take off. Too easy for the pay they would get. There is something hanky-panky going on and everybody knows about it but nobody spoke it out.
They made haste and as the last box was on the heliport, which was also used as a big freight elevator, it begun with a small jar to move up. There was a bad feeling about it since the beginning of this job. Every thing was running good till now, maybe too good, but the tension is rising with every step they get closer to the surface and everybody on its own started to covertly check his weapon.
As the elevator arrive the top they are in the middle of a glade surrounded by jungle with his familiar noises, nothing unusual. Not even 10 steps away they have parked the Jeep and start immediately to ship. But in the middle of shipping the soundings of the Jungle initiate to fade out and are replaced by sounds of cracking branches and rustling leaves around them. Immediately three of them drop every thing, draw their weapons and try to aim at something that seems to be to be everywhere, while the others hastily keep on shipping…


July 14, 2007

Hi folks from now on I will release every 2 weeks some mood-stories about HoH till the days I can start with programming. These stories will show you a little bit of the Weapons, Level, Setting, Game-mode, Abilities,… that are available in the mod.
So enjoy reading and let me know if you like them 🙂

Bungee Jungle:
The sun is going down and the gloomy jungle is in silence. Only a squad of Marines armed to the teeth are making haste through the thicket. Their clothes are soaked with sweat, their bodies are exhausted by the rugged terrain of the jungle and still the heat of the day is there as it was noon. Tension and a touch of panic are on their faces and again and again they look up to the treetop, to the fading sun.
The last rays of the sun bathes the forest canopy in red, when suddenly a scream comes up and one of them is being pulled up by something into the crown of the trees.
Immediately the men react to this action, firing with full strength towards the attacker. Branches and trees are crushing down from this hail of bullets, but only their lifeless buddy falls down, not a bit of the attacker.
The sun is gone and the hunt begun.

Kobold Scanner:
A hand full Marines are sneaking through the light forest. It is early in the morning and fog lies in the trees. In their middle there is someone who carries a device with both hands in his front, some kind of scanner. This man decides the speed and the way of the group and about every 30 feets he stops, looks on his scanner, adjusts something, throws a fast distrustful look to the surroundings and whenever he does this everybody is tense.
Then suddenly a dead gives away of a cracking, which abrupt ends as far as it appears. Immediately the man in the middle looks on his scanner, sweat begins to run, he turns slowly and glances inconspicuously to the site.
Not even 15 footsteps away of him an invisibility shield starts to destabilize and the squad with full loaded weapons rush in the front to protect him, aims and wait for the order…